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Panoxyl Products

PanOxyl is a brand well-known for creating high quality skin care products for treating and preventing acne. While PanOxyl does create some other products, they've focused on producing some of the strongest over the counter acne products available. At the same time, products from this brand are gentle to prevent damaging skin.

Several products from this brand features Benzoyl Peroxide as an ingredient. This is a powerful ingredient proven by science to prevent and treat acne. It does not induce antibiotic resistance like some prescription medications and Benzoyl Peroxide is know to be particularly effective against acne lesions. However, high does of this is restricted to prescriptions due to it's strength and potency. PanOxyl offers some of the strongest doses in any over the counter product.

Products from PanOxyl UK are gentle enough for daily use making them idea for acne preventative care too. Due to their strength, it's not advised for new users to immediately begin using the products every day. Benzoyl Peroxide can irritate skin that's not used to it so starting with one treatment a week is advised.

While advertised as face care products, PanOxyl is confirmed to be safe for use on the chest, shoulder and back. Care must still be taken to avoid contact with the eyes, lips and mouth which is standard for strong acne products.

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