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ChildLife is a brand that focuses on pure, natural and safe ingredients designed to be suitable for children so they can be suitable for all. The brand strives to be non-GMO, to contain no artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours and to be free from common allergens. The premium products are made to support nutrition, probiotic levels and more.

Dr Murray Clarke is the holistic paediatrician who noticed the dramatic increase of concerned parents 20 years ago. The increase of medical issues such as immune deficiencies, allergies, asthma and more made him look into the possibility to using supplements to help with common health problems in children. Using extensive research from his paediatric practice combined with a range of medical modalities, he created the ChildLife Essentials range and brand. These are the first premium nutritional supplements designed for infants and children.

Only premium natural ingredients are used to make these supplements designed to support long-term health. These clean products do not contain any unnecessary ingredients or filler to reduc the toxic burden placed on children and adult bodies. ChildLife also donates to various charities to help support children and families who cannot afford vitamins for proper nutritional health.

ChildLife products include nutritional supplements via tablets and soft gummies, immune booster tablets, daily essential tablets, probiotics and herbal liquid formulas. Some of their products use natural flavourings to help make them more tasty and attractive to everyone. Making it easier take supplements also makes everyone more willing to regularly take nutritional boosters.

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