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Natra-Bio Brand Description

NatraBio is a homeopathic health brand that creates natural homeopathic medication to support with different health concerns. The brand aims to provide alternative medical treatments for a wide range of common health problems and concerns. The producted created by NaturaBio are formulated and manufacturered to over the counter homeopathic standards and have been lab verified for purity.

When it first launched in 1979, NaturaBio wanted to be committed to the health of consumers through natural means. The company believes that homeopathic medicines are one of the most natural and effective ways of treating an illness, for relieving the symptoms of it and for the general maintenance of good health. Ever since the company first formed in 1979 NaturaBio has been creating innovative natural products to support consumer health.

Creating products for both adults and children, NaturaBio offers a range of homeopathic products for all kinds of issues. In addition to having seperate adult and children ranges, some NaturaBio products are greated to be tough on symptoms but also suitable for all ages. The allergy & sinus non-drowsy medication is suitable for both adults and children without compromising the stregnth or quality of ingredients.

Products from NaturaBio have been confirmed to receive lab testing. The company requires a certificate of analysis from suppliers to guarantee raw material quality and to identify the presence of major allergens. In addition to this, NaturaBio also submits their products to laboratory tests so they can check for contaminants. This ensures that all products from NaturaBio are high quality, allergen safe and contaminant free.

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