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Lakanto Brand Description

Lakanto is a health brand that focuses on creating healthy food alternatives using monkfruit. The brand aims to create delicious alternatives that are good for you and are suitable for a wide range of people. This means they also offer gluten free, keto, sugar free and vegan friendly products for maximum health benefits

Over 1000 years ago in the remote highlands of China, a fruit was prized for its sweetness and it was considered to be the secret to longevity. Discovered by a group of Buddhist monks, the recognized its ability to raise chi or life energy and it's been used for this purpose ever since.It earned the name “The Immortals Fruit” but it's also called the Monk fruit.

Monk fruit is the secret behind Lakanto's sweetners and other naturally sweetened products. In comparison to artificial sweetners, monk fruit sweeteners from Lakanto offer a much more 'sugar-like' sweetness. Lakanto wants to use these sweeteners to help people escape their sugar additictions by providing a natural and sustainable alternative.

In addition to monk fruit sweeteners and extract drops, Lakanto also offers syrups, healthy drink mixes, baking mixes, chocolate and more. Their sugar-free drinking chocolate mix for example, is keto and vegan friendly with added probiotics.

Healthy snacks, sweet treats and breakfast options are easy with Lakanto. This health brand only uses natural sugars in their products such as monk fruit and erythirol which is a sugar naturally found in grapes, pears, mushrooms and more.

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