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Swanson Health Products

Swanson Health Products create a wide range of natural health products and has been operating since 1969. Swanson creates a huge range of vitamins, supplements, health foods, personal care, beauty products, fitness items and more. While Swanson Health Products owns various brands, one of the biggest is Swanson Vitamins.

Vitamins, supplements, minerals and herbs make up a large portion of products created by the Swanson Vitamins brand. Offering individual ingredient focused products such as Vitamin C and Omega Fatty Acids alongside multivitamin items. Swanson Vitamins offers a wide range of natural health products not commonly created by health brands such as Melatonin and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Targeting specific health concerns is also important to the Swanson Vitamins brand. They offer a range of products to boost health and improve different health concerns.

Swanson Vitamins is over 50 years old now and the brand is still working to innovate the industry with science-backed products. The brand creates cutting edge combinations for vitamin and supplement mixes not currently offered by other brands. Scientific research tells us that some vitamins and minerals require others for them to be useful to the body. Swanson Vitamins is working on creating new products based on this research.

This brand creates a huge range of products across a vast range of niches designed to boost overall health and wellness. It also includes supplements for beauty and personal care, fitness and supplements for pets too. Permanently looking to improve, Swanson Vitamins regularly creates new products.

Swanson Vitamins aims to create high quality products which are tested for the purity of the ingredients and potency of the product. The brand works with experts to create science-backed health and wellness products.

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