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Oral Probiotic Formula - Natural Strawberry Flavor 3 billion CFU 30 Chwbls

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Oral Probiotic Formula - Natural Strawberry Flavor 3 billion CFU 30 Chwbls

This unique probiotic dietary supplement is Swanson Health Products' first oral probiotic formula ever. It features a special strain of S. salivarius called BLIS K12, which was developed by BLIS Technologies of New Zealand. BLIS K12 is a beneficial bacteria that only lives within the oral cavity and is proven to promote good oral health, support immune system defense functions (key for seasonal wellness support) and protect against the proliferation of bacteria that can cause bad breath. BLIS K12 has been involved with several clinical studies and been included in more than 30 published scientific papers. The theory behind BLIS K12 oral probiotic formula is that when taken regularly, it can help support upper respiratory health and the health of the throat and the oral cavity itself.

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