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Stridex is an American health company that makes acne treatment and prevention over the counter products. This brand is dedicated to creating strong but gentle acne products that can also act as preventative care. Stridex offers a select range of high quality products designed to boost skin health and provide non-prescriptive acne treatment.

Most products from Stridex contain salicylic acid as an active ingredient while some contain benzoyl peroxide. Both ingredients have been clinically proven to help with acne and are known acne treatments. They're used in prescription medication for acne as well but in much higher doses than available over the counter.

Creating mostly medicated pads, Stridex offers simple to use products without compromising on quality or strength. The medicated pads are for use on the face and the affected area. Stridex medicated pads are single use and disposable making them travel friendly products without compromising on quality.

In addition to treating and preventing acne, the Stridex products are made to also be effecting skin cleansers. The medicated pads are able to remove dirt, oil, sweat and other impurities from the surface of the skin, dissolve any deep down oils and to unclog pores. The pads are also able to remove any impurities left behind by soaps, face washes and more.

Stridex produces unique alcohol-free acne pads in a convenient package which are non-drying and gentler on the skin than pads that use alcohol as an ingredient. Most acne pads contain a high percentage of alcohol which can be harmful to skin. Stridx takes pride in not including alcohol in their ingredients which reduces the redness and irritation some pads can cause.

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