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Oxy is a skin care brand that creates products for benefits everyone. Their goal is to make items that will suit all skin types for a range of potential skin problems. Oxy aims to make skin care easy and accessible to everyone regardless of their background.

The Mentholatum Company is the parent company of Oxy which owns various other health companies and creates its own health products too. In 2005, the parent company acquired the Oxy Skin Care branding and began creating new products targeting teenage skin care with more diversified offerings.

As a brand, Oxy was formed in 1974 where is quickly became one of the leading brands for strong and effective solutions to difficult acne. Oxy has dedicated itself to being suitable for as many people and skin types as possible including those who do not have acne-prone skin. Oxy aims to help better manage skin problems and health with proven, dermatologist tested treatments and products.

Products from Oxy have been made to be specially designed for certain needs. Oxy create products specific to sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin and combination skin too. Following with this the brand also makes products to target different types of acne and other products featuring known ingredients for skin treatments. However, Oxy is not just for acne-prone skin. Oxy creates acne preventative products and general facial items such as moisturizers, cleaners, scrubs and more.

This brand aims to create powerful skin products that are also gentle and fast acting. Oxy includes dermatologist-recommended and clinically proven ingredients in their products known to treat acne and boost skin health. Oxy also does not test on animals but all of their products are still dermatologist tested for quality and purity.

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