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Onnit Brand Description

Onnit is a dedicated health brand that creates a range of products designed around fitness and sports. The brand believes that a deficiency in anything will harm your overall health. This is why they produce products to target each area to help improve health. Onnit wants to empower as many individuals as possible with products specially designed to boost overall health.

This brand creates a range of fitness products including supplements, protein powders, health snacks, apparel and fitness tools such as kettlebells. Nutrition plays an important role in the products that this brand creates. Supplements from Onnit are specially designed to target specific needs such as brain health, mood, digestive health and performance. These products are combined vitamins, amino acids and other critical components to give people the biggest targeted health boost possible.

In addition to the supplements, Onnit also offers performance boosters such as Creatine, Glutamine and protein powders designed to boost training. The brand also creates and sells different protein snack products such as protein bars, protein bites and protein nut butters for healthy snacking options. Not only are they high quality, Onnit ensure all products are continuously tested by third-parties to ensure purity so the products are safe to use by competitive athletes.

Fitness tools from Onnit are also high quality and the kettlebells are made from chip-resistant iron which is perfectly balanced for enhanced grip strength. They are designed with full body strength training in mind and follow the Onnit belief's. Onnit aims to provide well-rounded products to target the mind, nutrition and physical strength to give consumers a well-rounded boost to their health.

Onnit ensure the high quality and purity of their products with regular testing from third-party companies. This ensures not only the safety of the items but also protects competitive athletes.

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