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Natural Factors Brand Description

Established in the 1950's, Natural Factors has now become of the largest manufacturers of nutritional products in North America. Unlike most other health brands, Natural Factors is not a public company with shareholders they need to impress. Instead, the company is focused on impressing consumers and producting quality products.

Natural Factors owns a certified-organic farmland called Factor Farms. This gives them as much control as possible over the raw materials used in their products. They have full control over what seeds are planted and oversee everything all the way through to the finished product. There are few other companies in the world who have this degree of control over their operations and product creation.

Being able to control the soil and select the seeds they use to grow crops for their products guivs Natural Factors an edge. The company is able to select organic, non-GMO and non-hybridic seeds that best fit their values. It also gives them control over the harvest os the crops for the best possible ingredients.

Natural Factors create natural health products to support a wide range of potential health issues and concerns. Including both physical issues and mental issues, Natural Factors produces scientifically proven items. They also create vitamins and Omega fatty acids for optimum health. The Natural Factors range also includes vegan options for vitamins such as vegan friendly vitamin D3. Sadly, their softgel tablets often contain gelatine making them unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans. Some of their product offerings do not contain animal products however.

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