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Desitin is a brand dedicated to diaper rash products for babies however, these products can also be used by adults. The products and medication can be used as a moisturiser for very dry skin, to prevent dry skin, for itchy skin and other minor skin irritations. The products from the Desitin brand are suitable for all ages and can be used on all types of skin.

The Desitin brand is owned by Johnson & Johnson who also owns a wide range of other health products and brands. This includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices and a vast range of consumer health products such as baby care and skin health. Products from their Desitin brand are suitable for babies, women, men and children of all ages.

In addition to the Desitin diaper rash creams, the company also makes multipurpose ointments and other creams designed for use on different types of skin. Using these products is simple, all someone needs to do is apply a thick layer to the diaper area while not touching the irritated skin as much as possible. For adults with irritated skin, the process is very similar but obviously limited to where the irritation is.

Products from Desitin are hypoallergenic and have been dermatologist tested to confirm their usefulness. Pediatrician tests also support that the products are safe for children to use. Tests from the different rash products from Desitin also shows they work from the first use and they can be used as preventative care.

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