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Solaray is a nutrition focused health brand that believes a healthy, nourished body leads to a brighter live overall. The mission of this brand is to create the best quality supplements around to benefit both nutrition and overall health. This company has existed for other 45 years now and has been dedicated to health, nutrition and supplements ever since.

This brand has been recognised over the years for creating incredible products. Solaray has won nine Best of Supplement awards from Better Nutrition Magazine, three from Whole Foods Magazine Industry Choice Awards and more from other companies. Solaray Supplements have won many awards over the years and are still collecting recognition and awards for their quality products.

Having spent over 45 years developing products, Solaray offers a wide range vitamins, minerals, biocultures and other supplements. Many of their products use clinically tested and scientifically confirmed ingredients known to boost health. Some of their offerings have been researched less or their benefits may not be as clear yet.

Supplements are the main focus of Solaray but they also sell Vitamins and Omega nutrient tablets too. Providing both scientifically confirmed nutritional products and homeopathic nutritional items, Solaray creates a range of beneficial products.

This brand works to improve their offerings and enhance their supplement productions. Solaray aims to create quality products formulated for maximum health.

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