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Emerita has existed since 1978 and it quickly became one of the leading brands for natural women's wellness products. The company aims to improve the health and lives of women with their products. Women operated, the brand cares about environmentally-friendly practices across their company and they only use the highest-quality ingredients possible. All the packaging from Emerita products can be recycled.

Many products from Emerita are focused towards older and mature women. Their products include the Pro-Gest Cream to provide menopausal women with Progesterone if needed, probiotic formulas for improved vaginal health and other vitamin rich products. Emerita offers a range of products for those in the US though they can also be found in other countries via retailers.

Almost all products from Emerita are animal product free. Only their OH Warming Lubricant contains honey and Emerita is very open about this. In addition to this, Emerita is very open about the Proposition 65 Warning on some of their body cream products.

Proposition 65 is applies to all consume goods sold in California which might contain a cancer causing carcinogen. The downside to this is that many of the substances include in the list for Proposition 65 occur naturally and can accumulate in the natural food chain including in herbs, vitamins and minerals which then end up in cosmetics or health products. The natural progesterone found in their products is identified as a substance on the list.

Emerita creates natural health products however, their progesterone still meets the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia for quality, strength and purity. In addition to this, their products are never tested on animals and are free of artificial ingredients such as artificial fragrances and colours. Mineral oil, parabens and petroleum can also never be found in Emerita products.

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