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Trec Nutrition Vitamin C 1000 Ultra Bioflav 30 Caps

Trec Nutrition Vitamin C 1000 Ultra Bioflav 30 Caps
Trec Nutrition Vitamin C 1000 Ultra Bioflav 30 Caps Ingredients
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Trec Nutrition Vitamin C 1000 Ultra Bioflav 30 Caps
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VITAMIN C 1000 ULTRA BIOFLAV stands out as an exceptional supplement tailored for athletes, offering a robust 1000 mg dose of vitamin C enhanced with a complex of citrus bioflavonoids. Designed to bolster the immune system amidst the rigors of intense physical exertion, this supplement is ideal for athletes aiming to enhance their immune defense.

Key Features:

  • Immune Support: High dose of vitamin C aids in bolstering the immune system during and post intense workouts.
  • Antioxidant Protection: Vitamin C serves as a potent antioxidant, safeguarding cells from the oxidative stress caused by free radicals during strenuous activities.
  • Collagen Production: Promotes the synthesis of collagen, vital for the health and functionality of joint cartilage, benefiting athletes prone to joint issues.
  • Energy Metabolism: Essential for maintaining robust energy metabolism, ensuring athletes can sustain high energy levels during training and competitions.
  • Nervous System Function: Supports the nervous system's proper functioning, crucial for athletes requiring rapid and efficient response capabilities.
  • Enhanced Iron Absorption: Facilitates increased iron absorption, critical for optimal oxygen delivery to muscles and red blood cell formation, particularly beneficial for endurance athletes.
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids: The addition of citrus bioflavonoids amplifies the supplement's antioxidant capacity and immune support, offering comprehensive health benefits.

VITAMIN C 1000 ULTRA BIOFLAV is more than just a vitamin supplement; it's a comprehensive support system for athletes dedicated to maintaining peak physical health, enhancing performance, and ensuring swift recovery. With its potent combination of vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids, it's an essential addition to any athlete's nutritional regimen, aimed at fortifying immunity, protecting against cellular damage, and supporting overall well-being.

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