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Trec Nurition ISOTONIC SPORT 400g

Trec Nutrition Isotonic Sport 400g
Trec Nutrition Isotonic Sport 400g Ingredients
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Trec Nutrition Isotonic Sport 400g
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Trec Nutrition ISOTONIC SPORT: Peak Hydration for Peak Performance

Fueling elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, Trec Nutrition’s ISOTONIC SPORT stands out as a go-to dietary supplement designed for optimal hydration. Dive into the realm of top-tier performance with a drink that goes beyond quenching thirst - it recharges and revitalizes.

Hydration at Its Best: ISOTONIC SPORT boasts a carbohydrate-electrolyte formula specifically curated to hydrate the body during intense physical exertion. The nuanced balance between energy-yielding components, essential minerals, and vital vitamins ensures that dehydration never becomes a hurdle in your athletic journey. Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions not only enhance water absorption during physical activity but also help maintain endurance in prolonged endurance workouts.

Balanced Electrolyte Profile: The unique blend includes crucial minerals like sodium, chloride, calcium, and notably, magnesium. Magnesium plays a pivotal role in sustaining electrolyte balance, ensuring muscle functions remain unhindered and optimal.

Added Nutritional Boost: Beyond hydration, ISOTONIC SPORT is enriched with L-carnitine and taurine, compounds known for their athletic benefits. The inclusion of a B-vitamin complex, highlighted by Vitamin B6, stands as a testament to Trec Nutrition’s comprehensive approach. Vitamin B6, in particular, plays a role in reducing fatigue and weariness, ensuring that your energy reserves remain robust.

Who Should Opt for ISOTONIC SPORT? Whether you're a marathon runner, a weightlifter, or someone delving into endurance or strength disciplines, ISOTONIC SPORT is your hydration companion.

Usage Directions: For best results, dissolve a single 40g serving (1 scoop) in 500 ml of water. It's recommended to consume two servings daily, ideally before and during your training sessions, ensuring your body remains hydrated and energized throughout.

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