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Boiron Camilia for Teething Relief 30 Doses

Boiron Camilia 30 Doses
Boiron Camilia 30 Doses  Ingredients
boiron camilia baby teething relief info
boiron camilia baby teething relief
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Boiron Camilia 30 Doses
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Boiron Camilia for Teething Relief" is a homeopathic solution designed to ease your baby's teething discomfort with a therapeutic approach. Each of the 30 doses targets the relief of painful gums and irritability, using traditional homeopathic medicines focused on treating specific symptoms rather than using general pain relievers or numbing agents. It also addresses minor digestive upsets often associated with teething.

The product boasts a non-GMO formula, devoid of benzocaine, flavors, dyes, lactose, sugar, or artificial sweeteners, ensuring a safe and gentle option for your baby. If needed, doses can be repeated every 15 minutes for two additional doses, making it a flexible aid during acute discomfort.

Designed with parents in mind, Camilia comes in small pre-measured doses that are easy to administer directly into the baby's mouth. The 0.034 fl oz of clear, tasteless liquid is absorbed sublingually, offering convenience and hygiene, especially for families with more than one child teething. Its sterile, individual packaging eliminates the need for preservatives and reduces contamination risk.

Camilia is engineered to be worry-free. It doesn't numb the baby’s gag reflex, interfere with nursing, or require knowledge of your baby’s weight. There's no need for messy applications or concerns about applying topical medicine accurately. Moreover, it doesn't mask symptoms of more serious health problems, allowing parents to monitor their child's health accurately.

Finally, Camilia is a recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award, reflecting its quality and effectiveness. As a product of Boiron, a world leader in homeopathic medicine, it promises reliability and safety for your most precious ones.

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