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The Tiger Balm brand is almost 100 years old and has been proven to be successful in almost 100 countries across the world as well. Tiger Balm is a world renowned name and brand that creates incredible ointments for medicinal uses. The brand operates with the belief that no one should be prevented from living a full and active life because of aches, pains and every day discomforts from daily life.

As a result of their belief system, Tiger Balm creates various products with the aim of supporting physical health by attacking physical discomfort. These products have been tried and tested for generations across the planet. In addition to this, the Tiger Balm brand is still innovating and looking to expand their range with customized ointments for specific needs. Tiger Balm is one of the most trusted health brands available and for good reason.

Most Tiger Balm ointments are still a 'one product for all' type product which means they are not specially designed for specific issues. However, all ointments from Tiger Balm are cable of addressing any pain symptoms and discomfort from different issues. All of the products from Tiger Balm can be used for muscle aches and muscle pain . The Tiger Balm White product is slightly different and can be used to help with tension headaches as well.

Despite the age of the Tiger Balm brand, it only offers a small range of products. This is because the brand is dedicated to ensuring the quality and strength of the existing original range.

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