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Crayola may only be well-known for their crayons and other art tools but the brand has reached into a few different areas. Toys and activities, paining, model making, writing and even some bath products. Crayola was created over 100 years ago and in 1903, the first box of Crayola crayons was taken from the assembly line. Since then, the brand was expanded to create a range of innovative art tools, crafting activities and creative toys so that children can explore, play and discover their creative sides.

Working with companies, charities and all kinds of organizations, Crayola has support education, health, welfare, the arts and more. It was only natural that the brand expand into supporting the health of children too!

They might not have a wide range of products yet but Crayola aims to help make bath time fun to make parents lives easier. Creating bath bombs, water colour changers and of course, bath tub crayons helps to improve the length of bath time and make it fun. There are many positives for products such as this ranging from helping children get over their fear of a high water level in the bath to being a fun treat for behaving so well at the doctors!

These products are designed to be safe for use in the bath and easy to clean-up afterwards. They are also tested and confirmed to be suitable for use with children. It's still good to read the additional details on the packaging of course, just to be safe! Each one is slightly different, while the water colour changing Shaker Bath Drops are fragrance free, the bath bombs are not.

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