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Trec Nutrition

Trec Nutrition L-ARGININE XTREME 90 cap

Trec Nutrition L-ARGININE XTREME 90 cap
Trec Nutrition L-ARGININE XTREME 90 cap Ingredients
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Trec Nutrition's L-ARGININE XTREME is a premium dietary supplement crafted specifically for athletes and physically active individuals who demand enhanced performance and cardiovascular support. With arginine playing a pivotal role in numerous bodily functions, this supplement ensures the optimal intake of this crucial amino acid.

Key Features:

  • High Arginine Content: Each serving delivers over 4.5g of arginine hydrochloride, providing a robust foundation for the production of creatine and nitric oxide (NO), essential for peak physical performance.
  • Cardiovascular Support: Drawing on the research of Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Ignarro, L-ARGININE XTREME is designed to support cardiovascular health, with a recommended dose of 4-6g of arginine.
  • Optimized Physical Performance: Arginine is integral to the regulation of the acid/base balance and supports the urea cycle, aiding in the removal of ammonia and other byproducts of intense physical activity.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for individuals experiencing intensified growth, adapting to physical exertion, or undergoing regeneration after rigorous exercise.

Usage Instructions:

  • The recommended daily intake is 4 capsules, ensuring an adequate supply of arginine for effective supplementation.

Active Ingredients Per Serving (4 Capsules):

  • L-Arginine HCl: 4880 mg
  • Of which L-Arginine: 4050 mg

L-ARGININE XTREME by Trec Nutrition stands out as a potent arginine supplement, catering to the needs of athletes and physically active individuals. It not only supports enhanced performance through the improved production of NO and creatine but also aids in cardiovascular health. Whether you're aiming to boost your physical performance, support your heart's health, or accelerate recovery processes, L-ARGININE XTREME offers a comprehensive solution to meet your supplementation needs.

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