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Crest Pro-Health Clean Mint Mist 13ml

Crest Pro-Health Clean Mint Mist 13ml
Crest Pro-Health Clean Mint Mist 13ml Ingredients
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Crest Pro-Health | Portable Alcohol-Free CPC Mist with Clean Mint Flavor

Experience the confidence of fresh breath anytime, anywhere with Crest Pro-Health's Portable Alcohol-Free CPC Mist. This innovative breath spray offers an immediate solution to combat odor-causing germs, ensuring your breath stays fresh with a clean mint flavor. Designed with your convenience and health in mind, it's alcohol and sugar-free, eliminating the harsh burning sensation and sugary aftertaste associated with traditional breath fresheners.

The compact, travel-friendly size makes it a must-have accessory for on-the-go freshness, easily slipping into any pocket, purse, or bag. Whether you're heading to a meeting, going on a date, or traveling, Crest Pro-Health's breath spray is your ally in maintaining impeccable oral hygiene discreetly and efficiently.

Proudly made in the USA in an FDA-regulated facility, this breath spray adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that you're getting a product that's not only effective but also trustworthy.

Key Benefits:

  • Fights Odor-Causing Germs: Utilizes CPC antibacterial technology to eliminate bad breath at its source.
  • Instant Fresh Breath: Leaves your mouth feeling refreshingly minty in an instant.
  • Alcohol & Sugar-Free: Enjoy fresh breath without the unwanted aftertaste or burning sensation.
  • Conveniently Portable: Air travel approved size for fresh breath anytime, anywhere.
  • Quality Assured: Made in an FDA-regulated facility following cGMP standards.

Keep your breath fresh and your confidence high with Crest Pro-Health's Portable Alcohol-Free CPC Mist.

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