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Swanson Nattokinase 2,000 Fibrinolytic Units

Swanson Nattokinase 2,000 Fibrinolytic Units
Swanson Nattokinase 2,000 Fibrinolytic Units Ingredients
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Swanson Nattokinase 2,000 Fibrinolytic Units
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Swanson Ultra Nattokinase is a premium supplement formulated to support cardiovascular health using the power of a unique enzyme derived from a traditional Japanese fermented food. Nattokinase, known for its potent health benefits, especially in promoting healthy circulation and cardiovascular wellness, is central to this supplement's effectiveness. Here are the key features and benefits of Swanson Ultra Nattokinase:

  • Cardiovascular Support: The primary benefit of Nattokinase is its ability to support cardiovascular health by encouraging healthy blood flow, which is crucial for heart function and overall well-being.

  • Enhanced Circulation: By aiding in maintaining a healthy circulatory system, Nattokinase supports the body's ability to distribute nutrients and oxygen efficiently, contributing to enhanced overall health.

  • Potent Enzyme Activity: Swanson Ultra Nattokinase delivers a potent dose of 2,000 fibrinolytic units (FU) per capsule, ensuring significant enzyme activity to support its cardiovascular benefits.

  • Derived from Traditional Japanese Fermentation: Nattokinase is extracted from Natto, a fermented soybean dish that has been a staple in Japanese cuisine and medicine for centuries, leveraging traditional practices for modern health.

  • Natural Cardiovascular Care: Ideal for individuals seeking natural methods to support heart health, this supplement offers a dietary approach that combines traditional wisdom with contemporary scientific research.

  • Quality and Purity: Swanson Ultra Nattokinase is produced with a commitment to quality and purity, ensuring that you receive a safe and effective product to support your cardiovascular health.

Swanson Ultra Nattokinase presents a natural and effective way to enhance cardiovascular wellness and promote healthy circulation. By harnessing the unique properties of Nattokinase, this supplement offers a potent, research-backed solution for those looking to support their heart health through natural means.


Swanson Ultra Nattokinase is a powerful supplement designed to promote cardiovascular health and enhance circulation. Derived from Natto, a traditional Japanese fermented soybean dish, it delivers 2,000 fibrinolytic units of potent enzyme activity per capsule. Ideal for those seeking natural cardiovascular support, Swanson Ultra Nattokinase combines traditional practices with modern research to offer a dietary approach for improved heart health and circulatory wellness.


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