Enhancing Fertility with FertilAid

Enhancing Fertility with FertilAid

We all know that fertility rates have been dropping over the past 75 years for various reasons. Poor diet, chronic exposure to environmental toxins, disease, obesity and more have all been considered as the cause for this. There's a lot to consider and fixing these problems may not be entirely in our control.

Thankfully, there's increasing research into fertility and fertility boosters. One of the products of this research is FertilAid Men and FertilAid Women.

What is FertilAid?

FertilAid is a dietary supplement made specifically for boosting fertility and is designed for specific sexes. FertilAid Men and FertilAid Women contain slightly different ingredients specifically targeting the reproductive health and fertility of both types of reproductive organs. They were both created in 2003 and are based on science. Studies have indicated that using these products does boost fertility rates in both men and women.

While FertilAid Men focuses on antioxidants, FertilAid Women contains a blend of herbs to restore hormone balance and promote regular ovulation. Scientific research has shown that the driving causes of male infertility are oxidative stress that damage the sperm cells due to poor diet and environmental toxins. FertilAid Men is designed to help provide the needed antioxidant support to combat this common infertility causer.

Meanwhile, scientific research has shown that ovulatory disorders are responsible for up to 15% of all female infertility in the US. FertilAid Women uses a blend of herbs known to restore and support hormone balance and regular ovulation while also containing prenatal vitamins. Even those who are skeptical of supplements acknowledge that prenatal vitamin supplements are very beneficial for women trying to conceive.

Does this mean FertilAid will make us Pregnant?

FertilAid is not a magic pill to get you and your significant other pregnant. This isn't a treatment for male and female infertility issues. There is a wide variety of potential infertility causes, however, FertilAid targets some of these. Nutrition does play a big role in male and female fertility so absorbing more beneficial nutrients can boost your fertility levels.

Sadly, there's no magic pill for fertility but that doesn't mean you can't take supplements to help improve the situation. Working on the potential infertility causes will help to raise your chance of conception and nutrition is one of the easiest ones to deal with. It's also best to see a doctor about infertility so you can find the root cause of the problem. FertilAid can help both men and women but with some medical tests, you can get a better idea of what you need to do.

Those who work with their doctors and take the right fertility supplements such as FertilAid for Men or FertilAid for Women will have a much better chance of getting pregnant. While a supplement might not fix the infertility cause, taking them consistently will help to increase your chances.

Are there Other Options?

There are other supplements you could take instead of FertilAid but we advise only taking ones that have scientific research confirming the benefits. Many supplements are available but lack research confirming how useful they really are. FertilAid has various studies proving that it can raise fertility levels in both men and women.

Talking with your doctors will help you find the best medical options and at-home care you can try to improve your fertility. Many doctors will recommend taking a daily supplement in addition to trying other options to maximise your chance of a successful conception. However, medical options can be expensive and can be time-consuming to do. FertilAid costs just under $30 per month and will still give you a fertility boost.

Can FertilAid be Stacked with other Supplements?

Stacking supplements can sometimes be overkill however, this isn't always the case. FertilAid is design to specifically target certain problem areas and causes of infertility or reduced fertility. This means there are some potential areas and issues that it doesn't support.

For example, FertilAid Men is focused towards vitamin antioxidant support which is great but it doesn't help with sperm mobility or with a low sperm count. Taking an additional supplement designed to help boost sperm count or sperm mobility won't interfere with FertilAid and will help to boost fertility further. Some supplements have even been designed to work alongside FertilAid Men to target those missed areas.

The FertilAid for Women supplement is designed for promoting ovulation and for a better hormone balance while also providing prenatal nutrients. However, it doesn't target egg quality or ovarian function very much and both of these are equally important when trying to conceive. Taking additional supplements to target those areas can further support the efforts to conceive a child. FertilAid for Women is able to work alongside other supplements targeting specific issues that could be reducing fertility.

When taking these supplements together, always double check the ingredients and the dosage levels to ensure it's safe to combine them. Taking too much of certain ingredients could cause some unwanted side effects such as stomach upset.

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