Welcome to the VitaminGo Rewards Program

Enjoy a range of exclusive benefits when you sign up to our rewards program

VitaminGo rewards program is our way of rewarding you for putting your health first when you buy from the wide range of vitamins and health supplements in our store.

As a VitaminGo Rewards member, you earn 1 point for every £1 spent on products in our store. Your points accumulate, and you can use your points to purchase more of your favourite products.

50 points = £1

The great news is there are multiple way to earn points!

  • You can earn points by purchasing vitamins and health supplements
  • You can earn points for sharing our website
  • You can earn points for recommendations
  • You can earn points for writing reviews


How do I register?

Registration is easy and free.  All you need to do is create an account! 

How do I redeem my points?

During cart and checkout process you can redeem your points in real time.

Is there a limit to how many points I can redeem in one transaction?

No. You can use all your points in a single transaction as long as the cost of the purchase is larger than your points, to the fullest pound.

Why do you need my Email/Phone number?

It is mandatory to provide an email address & phone number to participate in ViaminGo Rewards Program because your points are linked to your account. We need a valid and unique email address because all the program benefits, including rewards vouchers, are communicated electronically.

Do my points expire?


How do I keep track of my points?

You will have a points and rewards section under your account which displays your points. We will also send you emails every time you get new points and also update you of your present points.



VitaminGo reserves the right to pause or block Your account including modifying or adjusting any number of rewards points you may have earned, if fraudulent activity or abuse is discovered or suspected. VitaminGo is not to be held liable for any content You choose to post on Your personal accounts. If you post any promotional content that includes your Rewards Link or Rewards Code, you must also ensure that all materials comply with all the applicable legal requirements of your location.