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Swanson Black Cohosh 540mg 60 Caps

Swanson Black Cohosh 540mg 60 Caps
Swanson Black Cohosh 540mg 60 Caps Ingredients
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Swanson Black Cohosh 540mg 60 Caps is a powerful herbal supplement specifically designed to support women's health. Black Cohosh, often referred to as a "feminine herb," is renowned for its effectiveness in promoting hormonal balance and providing relief during the menstrual cycle and menopause transition. Here are the detailed features of Swanson Black Cohosh:

  • Hormonal Balance Support: This supplement is pivotal in promoting hormonal equilibrium throughout the menstrual cycle, helping to mitigate the symptoms associated with hormonal fluctuations such as mood swings, discomfort, and irregular cycles.

  • Menopause Transition Ease: Black Cohosh plays a significant role in easing the transition into menopause, addressing common symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes. Its natural properties make it a preferred choice for women seeking a smoother midlife transition.

  • Native American Remedy: Originating from North America, Black Cohosh has been used by Native American cultures for centuries for its health benefits, particularly in women's health. This historical use underscores its effectiveness and natural wellness capabilities.

  • Global Acclaim as a Feminine Herb: Gaining popularity worldwide, Black Cohosh is celebrated as a "feminine herb" for its targeted support in women's hormonal health and menopausal comfort, making it an all-American favorite among women globally.

  • Natural and Potent: Each capsule contains 540mg of Black Cohosh, offering a potent and natural solution to support hormonal balance and menopausal health without the need for synthetic alternatives.

In essence, Swanson Black Cohosh 540mg 60 Caps provides a natural, effective way to support women's hormonal health, from menstrual cycle regulation to menopause transition ease. Its rich heritage as a native remedy and global recognition as a feminine herb make it a valuable addition to any woman's wellness regimen.


Swanson Black Cohosh 540mg 60 Caps is a revered herbal supplement tailored for women, known for its capacity to foster hormonal balance and ease menopausal symptoms. Celebrated worldwide as a "feminine herb," Black Cohosh originates from North America and has been traditionally used to alleviate discomfort during the menstrual cycle and support a smoother transition into menopause. Its global acclaim and effectiveness in enhancing women's health make Swanson Black Cohosh a preferred choice for natural hormonal support and menopausal relief.

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