Fairhaven Health Evening Primrose Oil


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Fairhaven Health Evening Primrose Oil – A Fertility Supplement for Cervical Mucus


Evening primrose oil (EPO) is a favorite fertility aid for women. Historically considered a medicinal “cure-all”, evening primrose oil is one of the more popular herbal supplements for female hormonal balance and fertility. Women who are trying to conceive use evening primrose oil to improve the quality of cervical mucus – or make the cervical mucus more fertile. Fertility and Cervical Fluid For women who are trying to conceive, the key benefit of Evening Primrose Oil is that it may increase the quality of cervical mucus, making the mucus a more fertile medium for sperm. One of the purposes of cervical mucus during the fertile period before ovulation is to sustain sperm in a healthy medium and to allow sperm to move freely through the cervix. When a woman ovulates, there should be an increase in cervical mucus, as well as a change in mucus texture. Fertile cervical mucus is more “stretchable” and slippery. You will often hear it compared to “egg whites”. For many women, a common problem is that they do not produce sufficient cervical mucus and/or “infertile” or “hostile” cervical mucus. If the cervical mucus is absent or does not provide a fertile, fluid medium for sperm, then the chances of fertilization and conception are decreased. Evening Primrose Oil may help women to produce a more fertile quality, “egg white” cervical fluid (that is thinner, watery, clear, and stretchy) and help promote the movement of sperm through the uterus, the fallopian tube and to the ovum for conception! EPO is designed to promote fertile cervical fluid and hormonal balance. Each Soft Gel Capsule contains 500mg of Evening Primrose Oil. Provides 10% GLA (Gamma Linolenic acid) – and Omega-6 Fatty Acid. Certified Herbicide and pesticides are Free for safety. Take Evening Primrose Oil during the first part of your cycle. Each bottle contains 100 Evening Primrose Oil Capsules.

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Fairhaven Health Evening Primrose Oil
Fairhaven Health Evening Primrose Oil
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