Fertility Factors For Both Men and Women

For The Men

On the other hand, men who are more active sexually as compared to others might be at risk of losing more zinc quantity on a per-day basis in the semen than the amount that they can retain up within their diet. Also, it is important to know that a minimum of 15 – 20mg of Zinc amount is required to keep up!

So, FertilAid For Men is known to have 30mg of Zinc in each serving which helps in promoting sperm motility and count.

For The Women

If you are planning for a baby anytime soon then you need to be extra cautious of what you eat on a regular basis. You need to keep a limitation of caffeine and alcohol consumption. Also, try to stop smoking as soon as possible. Make sure that you consume enough protein such as eggs, white fish (excluding shellfish) and organic meat is very important. Similarly, eat a lot of root and green vegetables. Take note of intaking brown rice and non-acidic fruit which means limiting the consumption of fruits like oranges and rhubarb.

One of the most important things to do is that you need to take a proper pregnancy supplement that has magnesium, Selenium, B vitamins, iron, Vitamin C and most importantly folic acid in it.

You also require Vitamin D and Omega 3 Fish oil to ensure that the immune system is well balanced. FertilAid For Women includes no preservatives and additives can be termed as a good fertility supplements for women to begin off with. Similarly, your partner must eat in a similar manner to help in strengthening the sperm too.

It is a well-known fact that whatever habits a woman keeps prior to, and during the pregnancy impacts her daughter’s eggs while the child is in the womb. Thus, every woman at a certain level is responsible for the quality of the health of the grand-daughters egg. It is quite a responsibility that needs to be taken care of and another important reason to eat a healthy and nutritious diet before as well as during pregnancy time.


You can now use a Doctor-Designed Ovulation Calendar and 9-month Pregnancy Wheel in One for making your life a lot easier for women, this is an ideal method for women who are planning to conceive in the near future and also for pregnant women. The ovulation calendar helps in finding out the ovulation and peak fertility, implantation time to know when they can experience a delayed period and also help to know the best date for taking a pregnancy test, all of this can be determined by the information that is based on your current cycle length. Apart from that, the ovulation calendar is extremely helpful in cutting down on the wasted test kits through the use of an ovulation test or microscope in order to outline the best times to use it.

Once you get pregnant, the pregnancy wheel can be helpful in guiding the women through the myriad of various necessary dates and doctor visits over the upcoming nine months. It will also include the apt time for movement, heartbeat checks and fetal viability. Other important checks like ultrasounds and important tests such as the triple screen, Nuchal Translucency and amniocentesis become easy to check regularly without any delay.

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